WSG 50

Network-enabled Universal Gripper

The WSG 50 combines a long stroke, precise and highly dynamic movement, high stiffness and low weight in a compact and futuristic design. Its powerful electric motor allows highly dynamic gripping operations with maximum precision. Speed and gripping force are controlled continuously, which is why the WSG 50 is suitable for handling sensitive parts as well as for applications with a huge spectrum of different parts.

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Automatic grip detection

Significantly enhance the reliability of your handling process

By con­stant­ly moni­to­ring the fin­ger moti­on and actu­al grip­ping forces using sophisti­ca­ted soft­ware algo­rithms, the WSG 50 auto­ma­ti­cal­ly reco­gni­zes con­tact with the grip­ping object and moni­tors it throughout the who­le hand­ling pro­cess. This frees the sys­tem con­trols of any grip­ping func­tions. Exter­nal posi­tio­ning swit­ches are no lon­ger necessa­ry. Her­e­by pro­cess sim­pli­ci­ty is achie­ved with mini­mal inte­gra­tio­nal effort.

Integrated control unit

Everything integrated

The WSG 50 inte­gra­tes both a power­ful con­trol unit as well as the power sta­ge into a com­pact elec­tric grip­per modu­le. The WSG 50 grip­per has a rich con­nec­tivi­ty. It can eit­her be con­trol­led by text-based Ether­net TCP or UDP con­nec­tions or optio­nal via PROFINET. Ope­ra­ting soft­ware, con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on and app­li­ca­ti­on data are saved on an inter­ch­an­ge­ab­le MicroSD memo­ry card and are easi­ly por­ta­ble. With its sepa­ra­te power sup­plies for logic and dri­ve, safe tor­que off (STO) fea­ture can easi­ly imple­men­ted. Thus, in case of an emer­gen­cy shut­down of the machi­ne, the gripper’s con­trol unit will still be online while the motor is gua­ran­te­ed tor­que-free. Becau­se of lar­ge sca­le inte­gra­ti­on, neit­her an addi­tio­nal con­trol unit nor any exter­nal ser­vo ampli­fier are requi­red for the WSG 50 to do its job. Best con­di­ti­ons to be easi­ly inte­gra­ted into your machi­ne.

WSG 50 Connector
WSG 50 with iPad

Integrated Web Server

Setup and diagnosis have never been so easy before

The WSG 50 is the first elec­tric grip­per with an inte­gra­ted Ether­net inter­face. Becau­se of its inte­gra­ted web ser­ver, it can be con­fi­gu­red using a com­mon web brow­ser. The self-exp­lai­ning gra­phi­cal user inter­face makes set­up and dia­gno­sis a mere child’s play.

Built-in sensor port

Connect sensing fingers without the hassle of external cables

The WSG 50 is also the first grip­per to offer an elec­tro­nic data inter­face for sen­sors inte­gra­ted into the basic jaws. Using this inter­face, sen­sors can be direc­t­ly inte­gra­ted into the grip­ping con­trol. The sen­sor port is con­nec­ted to the WSG 50’s inter­nal con­trol. This way, sen­sor signals can be tight­ly inte­gra­ted into the grip­ping pro­cess.


Optional force measurement fingers

Precise force control for sensitive parts

We offer several types of fin­gers with or wit­hout inte­gra­ted sen­sor tech­no­lo­gy. For examp­le, the force mea­su­rement fin­ger WSG-FMF can mea­su­re the actu­al grip­ping force direc­t­ly at the part to be grip­ped. Using the sen­sor port, the mea­su­red values are loa­ded direc­t­ly into the con­trol loop of the grip­per con­trol and pro­ces­sed the­re. The WSG 50 can the­re­fo­re regu­la­te the effec­tive grip­ping force with high pre­cisi­on and allows a safe hand­ling of high­ly sen­si­ti­ve parts.

Scripting support

Adapt the gripper to your application

You’d like to adjust your grip­per to match your spe­ci­fic app­li­ca­ti­on? Not a pro­blem, sin­ce the WSG 50 con­tains a power­ful scrip­ting exten­si­on that lets you access a num­ber of inter­nal func­tions. Using the script edi­tor that is inte­gra­ted into the web-based con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on inter­face, you can com­for­ta­b­ly wri­te your own pro­grams and save them onto the WSG 50’s microSD memo­ry card. Spe­cial move­ment pro­files as well as expan­si­ons of the con­trol set or the addi­ti­on of extra sen­sors into the grip­ping pro­cess are all pos­si­ble.

Web Interface Scripting


WSG 50-110 drawing  WSG 50-110 drawing

Tech­ni­cal drawing of the WSG 50-110

WSG 50-110 STEP Model  WSG 50-110 STEP Model

3D-CAD model of WSG 50-110


WSG 50 Manual  WSG 50 Manual

User’s Manu­al for WSG 50

WSG Command Set Reference Manual  WSG Command Set Reference Manual

Descrip­ti­on of the bina­ry com­mand pro­to­col

WSG Fieldbus Interface Manual  WSG Fieldbus Interface Manual

Descrip­ti­on of the fieldbus inter­face (PROFINET)

WSG GCL Reference Manual  WSG GCL Reference Manual

Descrip­ti­on of the text-based GCL com­mand inter­face

WSG Scripting Reference  WSG Scripting Reference

Descrip­ti­on of the LUA Scrip­ting Inter­face


Software and Documentation Pack  Software and Documentation Pack

This file con­tains all the soft­ware and docu­men­ta­ti­on for the WSG Series in one archi­ve

Product Data Sheets

Product Datasheet WSG Series  Product Datasheet WSG Series

Pro­duct Datas­heet for WSG Series


WSG 50 Profibus Example  WSG 50 Profibus Example

Pro­fi­bus examp­le Pro­gram for TiA Por­tal V12 and Sie­mens S7-1200

WSG 50 Profinet Example  WSG 50 Profinet Example

PROFINET examp­le pro­gram for TiA Por­tal V12 and Sie­mens S7-1200


GSDML file for WSG Series

WSG Mitsubishi Example  WSG Mitsubishi Example

Examp­le pro­gram for Mitsu­bi­shi con­trol­lers

Stroke 110 mm (55 mm per finger)
Gripping Speed 5 - 420 mm/s
Gripping Force 5 - 80 N
Protection Class IP 20
Temperature Range 5 to 50 °C
Dimensions 146 x 50 x 96.5 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 1.2 kg
Power Supply 24 V ±10%
Power Consumption (typ.) Stand By: 2 W, Holding at nominal force: 19 W
Interfaces 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet, PROFINET (optional)

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