Six Axis Force/Torque Sensor

The KMS 40 is a high performance six-axis force/torque sensor with fully integrated data acquisition and processing. For a simple integration into robotic applications, the KMS 40 has a built-in Ethernet interface and comes factory calibrated, providing its measurement data directly in SI units for all six load components. Its compact dimensions, the generous centre hole as well as the ISO robot flange on both sides make the KMS 40 easy to integrate in your application. The measurement range of 120 N and 3 Nm makes it a perfect fit for service robotics, small industrial robots and human-robot collaboration.

The KMS 40 is also available as FORCEKIT. FORCEKIT is the new powerful force measurement solution for Universal Robots.

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KMS 40 and WSG 50 mounted to robot

Ethernet interface

Sustainable interface to your application

The inte­gra­ted Ether­net inter­face pro­vi­des the direct link bet­ween the KMS 40 and exis­ting net­works. Thanks to the self-exp­lai­ning web-based con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on inter­face, set­up and dia­gnostics are easy and intui­ti­ve. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and data exchan­ge are based on a power­ful and easy-to-use text-based com­mand pro­to­col, which can be used eit­her over TCP or UDP. Opti­ons for CAN-Bus and RS-232 inter­face are avail­ab­le, too.

Scripting support

Extend the functional range of your sensor

The power­ful Lua script inter­pre­ter of the KMS 40 allows the imple­men­ta­ti­on of app­li­ca­ti­on-spe­ci­fic fea­tures such as spe­cial fil­te­ring, data pro­ces­sing or record­ing direc­t­ly on the sen­sor. For this pur­po­se, the con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on inter­face of the KMS 40 pro­vi­des a built-in script edi­tor. The inte­gra­ted memo­ry card can be used to store the scripts as well as acqui­red mea­su­rement data, pro­vi­ding a maxi­mum level of fle­xi­bi­li­ty.

KMS 40 Website Interactive Scripting (from WSG)


precise and reliable

High performance in a lightweight and compact design

The force/torque sen­sor KMS 40 uses reli­able and high pre­cisi­on strain gau­ge tech­no­lo­gy. With a frame rate of up to 500 frames per second, an abso­lu­te accu­ra­cy bet­ter than 1% and a repeata­bi­li­ty bet­ter than 0.5% the KMS 40 deli­vers high­ly pre­ci­se mea­su­rement data while still being able to ful­fill the requi­re­ments on robust­ness and relia­bi­li­ty of even deman­ding indus­tri­al app­li­ca­ti­ons.


Turnkey force torque sensor solution for Universal Robots

FORCEKIT is the new power­ful force mea­su­rement solu­ti­on for Uni­ver­sal Robots. FORCEKIT con­tains all the necessa­ry com­pon­ents to suc­cess­ful­ly imple­ment force-con­trol­led app­li­ca­ti­ons in the blink of an eye. To ensu­re a quick start, FORCEKIT con­tains not only the actu­al sen­sor but also the requi­red moun­ting pla­tes and the matching con­nec­ting cables. With the URCaps plugin, the sen­sor can be effort­less­ly inte­gra­ted into the app­li­ca­ti­on. FORCEKIT pro­vi­des direct com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with the sen­sor via Ether­net, so you always have full access to cur­rent force and tor­que rea­dings. In addi­ti­on, FORCEKIT sup­ports the RTDE inter­face of the UR robot. Thus, the mea­su­red data can be fed direc­t­ly into the con­trol loop and allow pre­ci­se force con­trol direc­t­ly via the robot con­trol­ler. A zero force con­trol, for examp­le, can be rea­li­zed in just a few minu­tes.

The FORCEKIT con­tains:

  • Intel­li­gent Force/Torque sen­sor KMS 40
    (six-axis, mea­su­rement ran­ge 120 N / 3 Nm)
  • Moun­ting pla­te
  • Ether­net data and power sup­ply cables, length 5 m
  • Docu­men­ta­ti­on and cali­bra­ti­on pro­to­col


KMS 40 3D Model  KMS 40 3D Model

3D CAD STEP model of KMS 40


F/T-Sensing Kit  for Universal Robots  F/T-Sensing Kit for Universal Robots

Quick start manu­al for the Force/Torque Sen­sing Kit for Uni­ver­sal Robots UR arms

KMS Command Set Reference  KMS Command Set Reference

Descrip­ti­on of the com­mand inter­face for KMS

KMS Scripting Reference  KMS Scripting Reference

Descrip­ti­on of the LUA Scrip­ting Inter­face for the KMS

KMS User’s Manual  KMS User’s Manual

User’s Manu­al for KMS 40


Software and Documentation Pack  Software and Documentation Pack

This file con­tains all the soft­ware and docu­men­ta­ti­on for the KMS 40 in one archi­ve

Product Data Sheets

FORCEKIT Product Datasheet  FORCEKIT Product Datasheet

Datas­heet for FORCEKIT

KMS 40 Product Datasheet  KMS 40 Product Datasheet

Datas­heet for KMS 40


KMS 40-URKIT Example Program  KMS 40-URKIT Example Program

Sam­ple pro­gram for rea­ding out a KMS 40 with Uni­ver­sal Robots con­trol­lers

Measurement Range ±120 N / ±3 Nm
Effective Resolution 0.005 N / 0.001 Nm
Max. Overload MZ : 5 x, others: 10 x full scale
Absolute Accuracy ±1% typ.
Repeatability 0.5%
Weight 215 g
Protection Class IP 40
Temperature Range 5 to 50 °C
Power Supply 24 VDC ±10% 1.9 W typ.
Sampling Rate 500 Frames/s
Resolution 16 Bit
Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet, CAN-Bus (optional), RS-232 (optional)
Memory Card MicroSD and MicroSDHC compatible

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