Tactile Sensing

Give your application dexterity with tactile sensors by Weiss Robotics. The unique design with integrated signal conditioning electronics is setting new standards in robust tactile sensors for robots and handling applications. Whether in research or industry – tactile sensor systems from Weiss Robotics are the right choice.
Tactile sensor systems from Weiss Robotics are particularly suitable for applications where the detection of the pressure distribution has priority. Their high sensitivity, the high dynamic range as well as the possibility of customizing makes tactile sensor from Weiss Robotics suitable for a variety of applications. Tactile sensors from Weiss Robotics use a patented pressure distribution measurement. A sophisticated resistive measuring method based on advanced polymer technology enables a homogeneous sensor surface to spatially resolving pressure sensing with high sensitivity. The patented one-sided contacting of the sensor polymer ensures a long service life. The active matrix technology allows significantly higher scanning speeds and improved dynamics compared to conventional solutions, so that even highly dynamic processes can be easily acquired with high accuracy.