Gripping Systems

Weiss Robotics provides the first grippers with integrated grip detection and monitoring. This excellent feature turns external limit switches into a thing of the past and makes your automation solution more flexible. Besides your cycle times will be decreased significantly, as you avoid unnecessary waiting times when detecting the run over of conventional limit switches. The integrated controller of the grippers gives you a direct field bus connection without any additional components. You have the choice between two product lines:

IEG Family

Integration Line

High quality and reliability with an application oriented functional range and a seamless connectivity using IO-Link stand for the Integration Line grippers from Weiss Robotics. Whether pneumatic or electric: Integration Line gripper modules from Weiss Robotics are the smart choice for your automation task.


WSG Family

Performance Line

Superiour servoelectric gripper modules with a large stroke, a rich function set and a seamless network and fieldbus connectivity as well as a seamless network connectivity for demanding automation tasks. The Performance Line extends the functional range of Integration Line grippers by a factory calibrated gripping force, flexible positioning and grip commands over GCL and scripting support. This gives you maximum flexibility in your handling process.